Thursday, March 5, 2015

Make it up.

I wish there was a make up kit
That made my world look better.
A liquid concealer for the bad days
That break out all over the year.
A good foundation to smooth out 
the rocky roads. 
A powder to soften the blows.
Blush to help it seem young, sweet, and fresh. 
Eye shadow to cover my eyes
From guilt and pain.
A liquid eye liner to make things clearer.
An eyelash curler to make things look up.
A fantastic drug store mascara 
To add a stunning affect to the drab.
And finally:
A bright colored lipstick 
making every moment a bit more fabulous.
Life is beautiful.
But my standards are set too high.
So it could use a little touch up - 
Just a bit more definition -
To help me get by.